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Our products are mainly exported to EU, America. And Asia marked.

Corporate Culture

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Good Faith
Seek truth from facts, mate our words to our deeds, think and act in one and the same way, keep our promises; loyal to the company, and report the job information truly.

Dedicated Attitude
Do our own job well, endeavor to perfect our skill; earnestly fulfill post responsibilities, build strong entrepreneur spirit and sense of responsibility, and complete our own tasks with high quality and high efficiency.

Mutual Cooperation
Vigorously carry forward team spirit, get along with the co-workers, keep close cooperation between the departments, never shuffle and wrangle, create comfortable and harmonious working environment.

Diligent Learning
Familiar with our own professional work and work skills, learn new knowledge consciously, grasp new technologies, expert in our own fields; build the concept of lifelong learning, actively advocate the team learning, encourage the knowledge sharing.

Constant Perfection
Having strong market awareness, competition awareness, innovation awareness and crisis awareness; view the post as the cornerstone to realize our own life value, keep forging ahead, and grow up with the enterprise.